| Single blade rip saw for stone processing with a touchpad PW1TK-14.0.600

- NC control
- Fixed bridge structure required
- Crosscutting in relation to the fixed bridges in X axis, a slide feed along the linear guide with a ball bearing cage
- Touchpad (control, entering and reading the data)
- programe selection - for cutting granite and marble
- cutting into strips - automatic cutting of a slab up to any 10 programmed widths repeated up to 99 times; a travel strip by strip along the fixed bridge structure in Y axis
- cutting out profiles, columns (max. 20 different dimensions) according to your own design; entering the data and viewing them
- viewing the movements in X, Y, Z axis
- Slide tilt angle (B axis) up to 45° (cutting slabs at an angle with a repeated lowering of the slide)
- One inverter in X, Y axis (the cutting speed regulation, gentle starting and braking),
- The other inverter in Z, B axis
- Fluent regulation of the rotational speed of the cutting disc drive - inverter

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