| Multi saw PW5TK-14.0-600

The machine is intended to cut stone blocks of the following dimensions:
- 1700 mm x 3000 mm x 200 mm (for a cutting disc O 600),
- maximally 6 discs, divided with appropriate distance rings, can be installed.
A version with acceleration, braking and smooth adjustment of the disc's rotational speed - an inverter to a 22 kW motor. A motor's drive is transmitted by a belt transmission gear to a spindle. A load-bearing construction of the machine comprises a steel frame where a rail is fixed. A slide, together with a spindle and discs, passes through the rail (working movement). The positioning movement is carried out along the stone walls (Y). Each movement, the working and the positioning one, is controlled by the inverter, which guarantees a smooth start, braking, speed adjustment.
The movement through a lateral axis is used to cut the stone (from one stone wall to the stone wall X). The saw is equipped with two working tables, manually rotated and pneumatically locked in the position 0-90°. The length of the cut (X) is limited from both sides with virtual switches (programmed with the touchpad). At the ends of each axis X, Y, Z, there are safety mechanical limit switches. The depth of the cut is set with the touchpad which cooperates with a programmable driver. In the automatic work cycle, the movement of various width in the amount of 5 pieces and repeated 99 times can be programmed.
There are two types of the cut possible:
- MARBLE - cutting the programmed width once
- GRANITE - cutting the programmed width repeated many times with each movement.
The safety elements comprise wires with safety switches from each side of the machine (front and back). Wires move together with the machine.

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